Gili Island Paradise

Fast asleep.  I’m having a serene beautiful dream, of a colourful tropical place.  Riding my bicycle it’s just me, the turquoise water, a breeze in my hair and the friendly locals waving hello as I ride by. Maybe I’m not dreaming. Could it be? Each of my senses completely in tune, my eyes feel more open. I am awake.  AWAKE. The sounds of Muslim prayers are being projected over a loudspeaker mixed with an orchestra of birds, roosters, bicycles and horses. Did I mention roosters? Never ever letting us forget they’re here. “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore! “  As I write this, a little boy has climbed into the tree in front of me, searching for the ripe treasure that might be hidden at the top for him. Should I be worried he’s going to fall? Lesson #1 to be learned on this trip, how to simply let go. The kids here swim like fish and climb trees like monkeys. It’s amazing the skills you learn at a very young age when your life isn’t spent glued to a computer screen. Literally one of the highlights of my life was playing in the water with a group of five young Indonesian girls. They came over and took my hands, playing with my hair they pointed to my skin happy to know the English words, “white” and my sunburned chest, “pink”. They made little sand castles for me and we giggled and splashed as we watched the waves wash the castles away. The tiniest girl spent most of the time riding on my back, her laughter undeniably contagious. I smiled from ear to ear and laughed until I cried, with my love looking on, and those that I miss from home in my heart. I wanted for nothing, the world stopped and was completely still…

Terima kasih. Thank-you.




6 thoughts on “Gili Island Paradise

  1. Awesome! Your experienceing life as it should be experienced, congradulations! I’m sure your journey will bring you great wisdom and understanding, look forward to following your blog


  2. Thanks for the update. Loved the pictures. The place just looks so peaceful and beautiful. I bet playing in the water with your little water buddies was fun. They look so sweet. Glad all is going well. Take care Love you two.


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