Lucid Dreams in Ubud.

We turned the corner. “It should be down there.  Wait a minute the book doesn’t say this is here.” Before we could figure out what had happened, the decrepit alleyway magically opened up to a palace from our dreams, it unfastened its golden doors and let us in.  The room was overflowing with this wonderful feeling of love.  A light appeared in the center of the golden space, it grew bigger and more soothing, entranced we fell to our knees.  It told us that everything was going to be alright, that our journey will have its ups and downs but our love will keep us from falling apart.  There was a deafening silence through the horns and motorbikes whizzing by all around, it allowed us, if only for a moment, to see clearly from our other eye.  “It’s here,” I said with a smile under my breath, “right here.”  But before I could say it out loud, the palace vanished without a trace and that warm glow that brought us to our knees transcended through us.  We looked at each other in disbelief.  From that moment we both knew this is where we needed to be, right here in the middle of this beautiful place, right here with each other and no one else.



3 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams in Ubud.

  1. Love the pictures. Is the first one a sunrise or sunset. The little girls in the last picture are just so cute. So happy that you are getting the chance to see such amazing places. Stay safe and enjoy. Same old same old here. Will be going square dancing soon.


    • Hello Donna, The first one is of a sunset, we’ve seen some pretty amazing ones on the beach while we’ve been here. I just can’t resist taking photos of such cute kids! I know someone whose birthday is coming up… When are you starting square dancing? Have fun!!! We’ll have to come check it out when we get home…


  2. Thanks for thinking about my birthday. Square Dancing fun nights are Aug 23, 29, and Sept 5. Classes start Sept 12. My square dancing weekend is next weekend. Oh LOL I was singing at work on Wednesday and Anna said she was going to make sure I work every Monday, Tuesday evenings. I know that she was just kidding. I loved the picture of the sunset. It was so beautiful. I am really enjoying the pictures of the children. Take care and have fun
    lots of love


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