I have a confession to make. Ever since Vietnam I can’t help but feel a little jealous every time we drive through the countryside. I am undeniably drawn to this way of life that is completely foreign to me. The way things once were. Sometimes I wonder why we moved away from all of this just so we could fill our lives with as much junk as possible. I watch the women working in the rice fields. Were they concerned about what to wear this morning? Probably not. The smiles on their wrinkled, tanned faces display something we have lost, the lack of want. Their day is good enough exactly the way it is. What they have is enough. Who they are is enough. There is no demand for the newest car, house, or outfit. Their lives are unsullied by dollar signs and the “National Enquirer”. Driving through some of the countryside villages one could wonder if we were in the 1800’s as opposed to the year 2012. Life’s essentials have not been lost in this atmosphere. Living with less usually means working less so things like family remain on top of the list of importance. I’m not an idiot I know living off the land is hard, excess is the other extreme and I would say the worse evil. I’m afraid of having to go back to a world of unhappy faces. Smelling the want and need exploding out of every pore. One of the best things about being on this trip is getting a break from the bombardment that is advertising. Most of the advertisements we’ve seen have been for beer or cigarettes and that’s it. No digitally fabricated image trying to sell some toxic new product to help you get thinner, smarter, younger or prettier. That kind of crap wouldn’t fly around here because fortunately, no one fucking cares. They haven’t sold their souls to “Oil of Olay”. Yet.