A human severed head was found in downtown Chiang Mai, Thailand today. Does anything gather a crowd quicker than random human body parts? Who was this guy and how did he end up floating like a dead fish in dirty water? All I can say is, very creepy…

Calling all middle aged men!

Be honest, when was the last time you really felt cool or sexy? How sick are you of your wife’s complaints and the fact that she only blows you on holidays? Pay very close attention to what I am about to say. Thailand is what you are looking for. In Thailand you will be king! Your photo might not be plastered all over the country like the “real” king, but your Thai woman will make you feel just like royalty. She’ll think your bald head and belly are hot, or she’ll be really good at pretending. You’ll love how traipsing around town with a much younger, attractive woman will make you feel like Robert Plant…in the 70’s. After you take her shopping, she’ll have no problem sticking it in HER mouth. A little side note of advice to go along with this picture I’m painting of what could only be every man’s paradise. Just be sure when you’re stumbling back to your hotel hammered that the person you’re dragging back with you is in fact, a woman. The queens are everywhere so proceed with caution. Nothing can ruin a hetero man’s night like a little surprise cock in his face. Oh boy, you weren’t expecting that were you?!