Rainbow of Smiles

A collection of tiny hands filled with brightly colored powder reached out to me from every direction. They wanted to cover me in it and I was more than happy to oblige. There’s just something about walking around looking like a package of Crayola exploded all over you. A perma-smile is on your face and everyone else’s too. Now what could be more festive than that? It’s the festival of Holi also known as New Year’s here in Bodhgaya, India. Being one of the most rural places we’ve been so far, the celebrating is more subdued than in some of the larger cities. This making the whole thing that much more exciting because you never know where the little color fiends are hiding! Around a corner, on a rooftop, or behind a cow, the possibilities are endless. I adored everything about this festival. One wise restaurant owner attempted to explain what was behind all the celebrating. Many positive expectations and a large number of reasons just to be happy. Spring, renewal and rebirth. “A time when an old man can become young again.” Holidays here don’t have quite the same power to empty your wallet as they do at home. All you need are a couple of Rupees for a plastic water gun and some bags of colored powder and you’re ready to go…



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