The Great Awakening

They will come…They haven’t stopped coming…It is here that they might finally find it. A plain and simple golden answer to any question they’ve ever had. Outside this perimeter the world is as ugly as it is everywhere else, but in here, in here you will see even when your eyes are closed. “This,” is where things are as they should be. It all happened right over here, beneath a small part of ME… “Do you believe?” When the wind blows, I scatter my dry leaves & it stops their prayer and meditation. They scurry to catch even just one, believing this will be the way in, bringing them one step closer to what HE accomplished.  Oh the pure bliss that radiates from their hopeful faces! More prayer, more meditation, one more chant and they just might get there…

What beautiful energy surrounds us in this place, what peace. This could be what we’ve all been so desperately searching for. It might be hiding here, somewhere under THIS tree…



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