Su&LILHere lies the empty basket where you used to sleep. It holds nothing in it now, except for maybe my scarred heart and some not too distant memories. Remember when you opened your cage, while Enya played in the background and I took it as a sign that you were meant to be mine? And then you were…

Dear Sushi,

Goodbye Mr. SuSu, goodbye my furry baby, goodbye my little friend. You will be missed and never forgotten.

Thank you for the endless love from your pure, sweet heart.

Thank you for teaching me that the most important things in life are; love, food, stretching and being silly… Soon followed by, making sure you’re flexible enough to lick your own ass when necessary.

I wish I could snuggle your wet nose one more time.

If only everything was as simple as how much I loved your peaceful, kind, old soul.

How grateful I am that you did not suffer or that might have broken my heart completely.

Come visit me in my dreams if you can. Let me know you are safely resting in the arms of those that went before you, who were also deeply loved.

You were the first special soul I lost without having the chance to say, goodbye. Goodbyes are for those left living, they are our selfish way to reach some point of closure after heartbreaking loss.

Thank you for reminding me that I may not get the chance to have a final moment to profess my love.

One day a long time ago, when I thought I wasn’t ready to love again, you came into my life and reminded me that I could. You were good at that.

How come sometimes animals can be so good at knowing what you need when people can’t? Somehow, you always knew.

You knew when I needed to be loved and cuddled, you knew when I just needed your silent presence at the foot of my bed, you knew.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, when Lilies left us a few months after you did. The two of you didn’t want to be apart.

So much loss in such a short period of time…

Some of my favourite moments were seeing you hanging out with Mom and Dad. You even turned Daddy into an animal lover! You are both a part of our family, we all miss you.

I am relieved now that you are back together, it comforts me. Always take care of each other.

Rest in peace my loves,