She had avoided it for the longest time but couldn’t any longer. Oh, the crazy things we do for love! Never before had it even occurred to her to do such a thing. And now? It was happening regularly, on a daily basis even. Her insatiable lust for him had lead her into sheer madness, she just wasn’t herself.

While falling deep into the trap of his undying love, she did the unthinkable…

She started, cooking for him!

After a few close calls with a fire alarm at the beginning, because roasting Indian spices is not as fun or easy as it looks! Although, are visits from hot firemen ever really uninvited? She made a mental note, to always wear lipgloss when cooking.

Surprised to end up enjoying it, she had previously rejected anything that felt domestic. Why now did this man bring such strange, unexplored gifts out of her?

There seemed to be a little bit of witchcraft involved.

This was the only possible explanation. By the power of some form of sorcery, he was turning her into his dream image of a wife! How dare he?

He’s dreaming again…Every time she enters the room the lighting is perfect and Lana Del Rey gently plays in the background.

She’s strong and soft, taking him to places he’s never been. He knows she’s unstoppable because he’s seen it so many times before.

She’s the one casting the spells. Naked under her apron, he can’t help but take a big piece of whatever she’s making, he’s got the disease. Hair flipped just so, her legs are always open.

“This is for you my love, it took me all afternoon to bake it!”

She can’t help herself, cooking just makes her want to dance…

While fabricating dreams she stirs tonight’s magic potion of love, each curve sways slowly this way, then that, then this way…

It’s almost time, for him to have a taste.


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