Green fluorescents stinging away time

Reaching out to nothing

Taking in too much to find the numbest cure

Change these

Scrambled ideas


Jagged puzzle pieces

These sharp edges in a lifeless world too dangerous to connect

Lost in a grungy tank of oxygenless dreams

Of utmost importance amounting to nothing

In search of something that doesn’t exist


Pristine peaceful moments with sweat and sun on my face and clean air and wonder at life and wanting for nothing and endless possibilities and amazement with everything and life as art and life as play and laughing and touch and taste and smell and breath and breath…

Touch that makes time stop and the whole world disappear

Moments when nothing is wrong and I’m in tune with my whole body

Feeling every cell come alive, in this

Electric dance

This magnetic trance

I’ve fallen into

Moments of wholeness…my moments with you.



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