What is the real secret to loving your body? Is there a strategy that we can use to focus on what we love, in order to avoid picking apart every possible flaw, when staring at our reflection in the bathroom mirror? Exercise. Something I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before because the truth, deserves a little repetition.

Whatever is wrong with your day, exercise is the answer each and every time.

Your job sucks, exercise. Your boyfriend/girlfriend sucks, exercise. The weather sucks, your family sucks, writer’s/artists’ block sucks, the state of the world sucks, once again exercise.

I’m not implying that any of these problems are easily solved. While plotting possible solutions, there is one thing that will make you feel better, sweat it out!

I’m talking balls to the wall, nose to the ground, your body contorted in positions your partner wishes you would use more often in the bedroom…

Blood, sweat, tears. Challenging yourself a bit more every day.

When you think you can’t do it, do it anyway and think about it later. This isn’t your grandma’s workout. You are a warrior and the gym is your battlefield.

Being fit will not come without its fair share of difficulty and annoyances.

Most of the time you probably won’t feel like working out. Force yourself. Once you’re done, remember this feeling.

While you stretch with a smile on your face, enjoying the completion of what you thought you couldn’t do.

For your entertainment only, I will now share 3 things that really annoy me when I’m working out:

  1. Do not try to pick me up at the gym. This is my, me-time. Do not interrupt, me-time with whatever pathetic way you’re trying to get laid. My face is a tomato, my crotch is so sweaty I look like I have bladder control problems, its not the time.
  2. Since you have a home, there is no need to cream every inch of your nude body in the locker room. I would much rather put my running shoes on without your muff in my face.
  3. Dear Mr. Doing one set and flexing in the mirror 50 times, this isn’t a performance and I’m lifting more than you in my warm up. Get out of the way, some of us are actually trying to workout around here…

If you’re honestly looking for a real tool to help motivate you to get fit, the perfect place to start is your favorite music.  With an awesome workout playlist, time on the treadmill flies by. The songs will get you revved up again, even when one more rep seems impossible.

Here are some of the songs I use to give myself a kick in the butt:


SKRILLEX – First of the year (Equinox)

KNIFE PARTY – Centipede



Hope they help you get motivated too! What are some of the tracks on your workout playlist?