10 Things

Dear Younger Self,

On the cusp of losing our Vcard are we? Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt…Ok, it does a bit, but you’ll like it. Aren’t you glad that you waited? Now, you get to do it for the first time with someone that you actually want. Patience and waiting longer for something to happen, only makes it feel more special when it does.

After the seal finally gets broken, please remember this, be safe!

Babies and STDs are very real consequences and they don’t just happen to other people. Use protection even when buying condoms is awkward, even when you don’t feel like ruining the moment to get one, even when # whatever notch on your belt says they won’t fit. Always.

Don’t stress about being good at having sex. With time, sticking a you-know-what in your mouth, will feel natural. All you need is a little bit of practise to get more comfortable with everything, for now focus on having fun!

You do not have to like everyone and sometimes bad feelings in your stomach are worth listening to. It’s totally fine not to talk to someone, or to leave a party early, or to avoid getting into a car, if the driver doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

Listen to your gut and be careful.

Unfortunately not everyone in this world is a nice person, let’s just leave it at that for now.

First love! Can’t get him out of your head, his kisses carry you into another dimension and you actually ache, when you’re apart…He’s like a drug coursing through your veins, taking over every inch of who you used to be.

Enjoy it and continue to have an open heart, but never lose yourself completely in someone else. Feeling like you have to change, to please your partner is a gigantic red flag that the relationship is unhealthy.

Stay true to who you are.

Your value is not measured by what is between your legs, the size of your ass or boobs, or by what you look like. You are unique and special, love yourself and be happy.

Eat the ice cream! Go eat some, now! I have terrible news. You’re going to give up dairy later, insanity I know. Have some while you still can, indulgence is good for your spirit.

Stop checking how you look in the mirror, there are better ways for you to occupy your time.

Don’t let anyone silence you. Don’t let anyone destroy your confidence. Speak your mind, especially when you have a different opinion. Believe with every pore in your body that you, can do anything!

Much love,

future F.

P.S. You won’t regret the tattoo.