Welcome to the long, winding road we like to call fitness. Sometimes we move forward, other times we hit a rough patch up hill and take a bit longer. Then there are those unfortunate times when our excuses have helped us forget, which damn road we were even on in the first place.

No problem! When we fall off track instead of beating ourselves up about it, a more productive response would be, to dust the chip crumbs off our stylish workout gear and continue where we left off on our journey.

Always further ahead and not looking back, never missing a Monday and maybe most important of all, taking the words I can’t out of our vocabulary.

Now, who’s ready to shift gears into, Beast Mode!

One of my other absolute favorite ways of getting sweaty, is a barre workout. Super simple, all you need is a sturdy chair. Complete workouts can be found online, choose one and you’re ready to go!

The real reason I’m attracted to these workouts is because deep, deep down I’ve always wanted to be a dancer. Floating around on stage light as a feather, being thrown in the air and landing, like a gazelle…

Either that or what I really want is a dancer’s body. Until I make my stage debut, I will continue to fulfill my fantasy for an audience that includes, the neighbours and my cat.

NeroFitness-min (1)-min

If you’re feeling stuck in your gym routine try something new like a barre workout, to get rid of your boredom. Who I ask, does not enjoy a little high kicking in their day?

This bodyweight workout forces me to think more as I become familiar with the routines and ballet moves, stimulating my mind and body.

In our day to day activities our bodies are often stuck in repetitive positions. Workouts like barre, yoga and pilates open the body up again and force us to perform movements that we don’t do on a regular basis.

By including the body/mind connection in our workouts, we are able to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

After all our brain is like a muscle, it needs a workout too!

Here are some other ways of working your mind and body for the days when you don’t just want to blast music and focus on song lyrics:

  • Positive visualization
  • Repeating a personal mantra
  • Runcasting- listening to an enlightening podcast while out on a run or doing some other type of cardio.

The warm weather is finally here!

Going for a walk, run, or hike outside can cure almost anything.

Nature + exercise = Love

I think it’s time for me to get some mud on my shoes after being locked up like a caged animal, during months of snow and more snow.

Bonus points for getting sweaty and dirty. I can’t wait!

What is your favorite workout at the moment?