A session with a mismatched personal trainer, can feel similar to a bad date. Lots of checking the time and wanting this annoying person to finally just shut their trap. The best you can hope for in this situation, is a little exchange of fluids and to not ever have to see them again.

With the right personal trainer, you won’t check the time. Caught up in all of their passionate motivating, wondering when it will be over is the last thing you’ll do!

On my way to the first session with someone new today. Not only do I have my period but I’m also doing a summer detox. No doubt there will probably be some vomiting involved. Hopefully, he’s into that sort of thing.

Why am I enlisting the help of a professional, you might ask?

No, its not to try to fit into some outfit for a special occasion, my goals have evolved! 😉

I will divulge my intentions, soon enough…

Since I was hoping to make a good first impression, I asked myself this morning,

What would Superman, have for breakfast?

The best answer I came up with was a Bulletproof Coffee, whatever that is. It sounds tough and Supermanish. Remembering I gave up dairy, I settled on a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts.

Got the fuel going, starting to feel energized and ready to take on anything!

Not sure what he has in store for me, I requested doing tire flipping as part of the workout.

We will find out, if I’m strong enough to try this.

I’m a tire flipping virgin! It’s hard to believe after all these years, that I’ve never found the time to flip a single tire. Today might be that day.

I saw some big ass tires on this guy’s website. Slightly intimidating as a starting point.

Someone might need to steal one for me, off a kid’s bike in the neighbourhood…

Either way, I’m excited to try it! Tire flipping is a great full body workout. 

These are some qualities to look for in a personal trainer. With a bit of luck, the newbie will have most of these characteristics.

  1. A good sense of humour. Imagine how much this will come in handy when you’re almost dying on the floor and they have the ability to make a joke and help you feel better.
  2. Similar Interests. Don’t talk to me about hockey. I don’t care who your favourite team is, I don’t care who is playing tonight, I don’t even care who’s in the playoffs. I was forced to go to my brother’s hockey games as a child. This topic, is painful for me.
  3. Energetic/Motivating. Seriously. The energy you get from this person should make you feel good. Spending time with them has to make you want to be better. If it doesn’t, turn around and run away in the opposite direction.
  4. Kindness. It’s nice for them to truthfully care. For them to really want you to achieve your goals. To work hard with you, at making those things happen. For them to care enough to add kicking a punching bag into a workout, when you come in after a particularly bad day.
  5. Nice to look at. This is more of a bonus and not a necessity. If he happens to look like Gerard Butler it does not hinder my workouts, at all. (Mental Note: Keep present trainer away from this website.)

You have to enjoy and look forward to your sessions with this person, or it will be one more reason for you not to stick to it. Have a trial session with them before making a huge commitment. If you’re not satisfied, keep looking. The right one for you, is out there.

Guess who flipped a tire? A really big one, I might add!

It was super hard, but also really fun!

Someone stole my coconut water, but I’m pumped for the next session with him tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how he’s going to work around the fact, that I won’t be able to raise my arms above shoulder level?

Do you find working out with someone else more motivating? What qualities do you look for in a personal trainer?


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