Sex can be called many things, but is it a full-fledged workout? Join me dear readers, as I subject myself to whatever is necessary, in finding an answer to this vital question.

Can it be true that all you need to do is have more sex, to get into amazing shape?

This could have a huge impact on several areas of life. Less time in athletic gear and more time naked. Not so many gym visits and extra time at my place, or yours or that creepy alleyway around the corner.

I decided to start with a book called, Kama Sutra Workout.

The positions: Joy Ride, Acrobatic Affection, and Get a Grip among others is not the kind of sex your parents are having.

Or maybe it is. If that’s the case, good for them I say!

This highly informative book not only comes with clear imagery, it breaks down energy burn, muscles used, and recommended minutes.

Excuse me while I go bury my nose in this book…

Pounding or screwing hard and fast. I found a gym offering a class called, POUND and had to try it.

Hi. Here for some pounding?

In case anyone is wondering, I really like being pounded!

I was a bit confused when we were all handed, Ripsticks and no one else in the class seemed to be taking their clothes off…

Do you enjoy air drumming, to really awesome drum beats? If the answer is, “Yes” then POUND might be perfect for you!

While burning 900+ calories per hour, this full body workout is a stress reliever that will certainly put a smile on your face.

What is it that makes playing with sticks, so fun?

Dogs and kids seem to be in on this secret. Throw me two drumsticks and some music, I’ll show you a sweaty great time!

You may be asking yourself the question, “Would hitting the floor while holding a squat or lunge position be a challenging workout?” Let my unsteady legs as I struggled to walk normally out of the class, be your answer.


Out of breath and a sweaty mess, you’re whipping your yoga mat with two fluorescent, green plastic sticks to Rage Against the Machine!

How hard core do you feel, right now?

It is strangely exhilarating and incredibly gratifying. Slightly less than if there would have been the other kind, of pounding mixed in.

Working infrequently used muscles, your focus is on the rhythm and multistep choreography. The playful element makes time simply fly by!

Going at it, last song of my second class I broke one of the sticks in half. I guess I brought out a bit too much rage that day.

If you were also the clumsy kid traumatized by being hit in the face while practising a sport, I have some advice. Breathe through the tough moments and focus on the music. Make sure there is more than enough room around you at all times.

Now I must return to my research. Steamy Handstand… Stay tuned!

Have you recently tried any new workouts?


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