It’s time to celebrate! Take a few seconds and have a pleasurable moment with me. Pour yourself a drink, do a little dance, have some ice cream.

Smile, as I am smiling at you!

Fallen Angel On the Run has 500 followers!!!

Here is my endless gratitude, I offer it to each of you. ❤

I am inspired by the artistic talent, that I have the pleasure to read on a daily basis.

The support and encouragement I have received from this community, is unexpected and has deeply affected me.

Thank you so much!

Sending love, light and laughs 😀


Here are 5 things My Cat, Nero said:

I think all the hours online, are starting to get to me…

1. “When presented with your meals for the day, always remain enthusiastic. Enjoy it fully today, as if you have never eaten anything so delicious before! As if all you needed in the whole world was this measly bowl of dried bits, to completely make everything perfect.”

2. “Yes, I have a four foot scratching post. Sometimes, I use it. Other times for the sake of variety, I use other things. I have a fear of becoming predictable.”

3. “I am completely, self-sufficient. There isn’t anything you can provide for me, that I can’t for myself. Head massage? That, may be the only thing… I can live without those massages, easily.”

4. “Never forget the battle you were born to win. Catch the mouse. Especially, when it tries to get away. Do not fear it! Pretend you have lost interest and when the mouse least expects it, make your move…”

5. “Who needs Photoshop when you look this good!”


Stop Motion Love Gif by Slanted Studios from Giphy