Behind seven lands and seas, in a town riddled by the bitterest cold, there once lived a curious little Mermaid.

The recurring ice storms that turned everything to glistening frozen glass, awakened an insatiable fire in her that needed to be regularly tamed.

Damien had the eyes of a dove and a long lean muscular body, that really did look good in absolutely anything. Oh, how the Mermaid fancied dressing him up, in all her prettiest clothes!

Tight corsets, heeled boots and silky nylon stockings, with holes in all the right places…

Usually she wanted him partially unclothed, which gave her easy access to his many rings. One that enjoyed much more attention, than all the others!

He would fasten his Prince Albert to the inside of the Mermaid’s lace petticoats and when he strutted around, she would get a naughty little peek.

Her delicious beast even moaned in his sleep, while he rubbed his body hard against her.

Damien’s tastes did teeter on the somewhat perverted side, but this only intrigued the Mermaid more

He was no stranger to acts of bestiality with cute, small furry animals. Rumour has it, he once masturbated with a severed hand he stole from the hospital morgue!

The Mermaid often imagined it and each time, would find herself terribly aroused.

Droplets of stale blood spatter everywhere, as he moves the hand furiously up and down… She can hear it flopping around and intoxicated by the stench of rotting flesh, is filled with desire.

Before long, Damien’s catastrophic eruption and the Mermaid squeals with delight!

And that is how it is to this day.



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