silver shoes in fall leaves

There’s a barefoot stranger asleep next to me on the train right now and they keep getting closer… What if I have podophobia? Can you not invade my personal space with your body parts and think that it’s ok?

I don’t understand people who feel the need to be barefoot all the time. Feet are the least attractive part of the human body. Keep yours away from my mouth, or I might ask you to leave.

Who knows where those feet have been?

I’m trapped in a confined moving vehicle, I’ve had too much caffeine and seem to be developing a super human sense of smell. It’s time to do some deep breathing and focus on the lovely fall colours out the window…

Speaking of fall, is anyone else having the constant urge to put on warm jammies and stick their face in a loaf of freshly baked, sourdough bread?

In a desperate attempt to counteract these temptations, I decided to try a few new classes and shake up my fitness routine a bit.

Imagine my reaction when in jiu jitsu class, I had to have more than one person put their feet on me. Once I got over it, jiu jitsu made me feel strong and tough, I like that a lot!

While riding the subway I keep wanting to ask the person next to me to grab my arm, so I can break out of it.

Different from most of the other workouts I’ve tried, jiu jitsu put me in the mood to kick some ass!

Just kidding, I’m only violent in bed… Also if you’re trying to rape or murder me and I guess, rob me too.

All silliness aside, I truly believe in learning some form of self-defence.

Hopefully never having to perform any of your newly learned ninja-like moves, except with the occasional random person on public transportation.

Why not give yourself a fighting chance, if God forbid you’re ever caught in a dark parking lot with some crazy

Jiu jitsu is considered one of the best martial arts for self-defence and is in no way something you can pick up overnight. The jiu jitsu technique is quite complex and to be able to get to a point where you’re reacting in the moment, you have to be very familiar with the movements.

I find this both exciting and intimidating.

Having unsuccessfully tried to teach myself some of the positions involved by watching videos, I realized that the commitment necessary is one of the draws of learning a martial art.

You go to class, train regularly and get better at it. Simple or difficult? We have to decide.

Revenge is mine! I’m loudly eating baked Lays right next to Sleeping Beauty’s ear… It worked, they woke up and put their shoes back on. Don’t you love simple solutions?

Have you ever tried martial arts, or taken a self-defence class?



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