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Searching for something greater, I embark on a journey into the unknown. Where does this road lead and how changed will I be on the other side? Do what you gotta do, even the rotten jobs need to get done by someone.

I will survive.

The fear of what is found, will not overtake me. As I call on the power of fire, earth, water and air give me strength to rid myself, of this unnecessary evil. Help me to finally clean out my damn desk!

If I could accomplish this seemingly impossible task, who knows what could be next? What starts out as an orderly desk, slowly turns into total world domination.

As I fight for air under piles and piles of multicoloured Post-its and used fishnet stockings that I hope are mine… I wonder, how many lists can one person make? Millions is the harshly obvious answer.

Ready for a cleanse.

I started the new year with three books; the first is on Italian Folk Magic. I promise not to turn anyone into a miniature frog or anything.

I have been sprinkling a bit of salt on the ground regularly when I sweep the floor as the book recommends. This is to rid the room of other unwanted stuff in the form of negative energies and old emotions. Have to say that somehow the room feels cleaner after I do this. As if I’m cleansing the air or the, “feeling” in the room. Almost like, Magic!

The second is, The Diary of Frida Kahlo. You know that question, if you could have dinner with anyone in history who would you choose?

I think my choice, would be her. Then one dinner drink, would turn into two or three and who knows where the night would take us. Who knows

The woman is a goddess, end of story. She was brilliant, ahead of her time and ever so desirable. Heat up your seat this winter with some of her striking art, you won’t regret it.

Uh oh it’s getting late I think it must be, Bedtime For Frances.


Like this book’s character, I also enjoy having cute things on my bed!

It is time for Frances to go to bed.

But how can she sleep when a GIANT is in her room?

How can I?



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