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There’s a hole in my kitchen ceiling. Dear Winter… I hate you enough. Love & Hugs, F. Some interesting thoughts have crossed my mind while staring at, “The Hole.” Haven’t given it a name yet, not sure if I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level and make that kind of commitment.

With the slightest hint of fear I’ve wondered, will anything suddenly come crawling out of it? Insects, rodents, animals, aliens covered in green slime…

What about CENTIPEDES!

If I stick my hand up there, will it feel wet and squishy?

While I’m making coffee one morning, will an avalanche of shit come pouring out of the hole and totally ruin my caffeine ritual.

Remember the motto I chose for 2019? Here’s a hint; there’s an annoying Disney song to go along with it. Oh wait how foolish of me, there’s an annoying Disney song to go with everything!

Let it go, sung by our friend Elsa.

There will be (A)holes in your life and problems that don’t get resolved on your preferred schedule. The healthiest choice is to simply Let it go.

Guess what Elsa, your singing isn’t that great. Anyone who thinks the storm should rage on, won’t be in my good books.

Doesn’t that bitch hook up with Jack Frost?


It’s all coming together, everything is finally starting to make sense. Elsa and Jack Frost are plotting against me!

Or they’re both going to come crawling out of that hole, with frozen centipedes…

Who are trying to let it go!

Maybe I’ll make some coffee.



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