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I need advice, bad. I’m about to confide in you about something. Yes, it’s going to make me feel vulnerable and naked but I will do it anyway because I can. For the second time, one of my exes has tried to contact me. Did I mention that when we were together I thought this person was my soul mate? Did I also mention that after we broke up I cheated on quite a few partners with him because I just couldn’t resist?

The first time he contacted me, I don’t think he was sure he was emailing the right person but he was. A cordial little email he was looking to catch up with blah blah, etc. etc. I never responded.

This time he literally went straight for the jugular. He’s been reading the blog and now he knows exactly who it is he’s talking to.

The mofo is being poetic and romantic.

Making reference to how I taste. Displaying how he remembers my tattoos and their placement

Then I’m wondering what is it that he’s been reading on the blog. Is he reading the POETRY?

Does he think some of it is about him? To be totally honest since I’m in the process of airing my dirty laundry… Some of it is about him.

Do you want to know the lowest move he made? This is quite painful, I might need a minute.

He called me by my pet name.

The sweet name that only he called me by, the one I used to love hearing him say. Stirring up a big pot of emotions, memories and shit by doing so. As if he thinks he can waltz back into my life and pick up where he left off.

Please help me figure this out. I kind of feel like I have to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. If I respond to him, what do I say?

What if he still has some kind of power over me and responding draws me right back into the abyss…

He signed the email, “Eternally.” Who signs an email with the word Eternally!

Are you Count Dracula?



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