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Dreams can become reality when searching for your perfect workout online. Come up with an exercise combo that you think might be fun to try and there’s a good chance someone else has already released the workout videos.

To prove my point, I just completed something called Piloxing a combination of pilates and boxing. A somewhat contradictory mix of movement, the workout kept me engaged and wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of making a real commitment is that you haven’t found the type of workout you really enjoy. Keep looking and experimenting with new things the routine you will get the most out of, could be one you never even thought of trying.

In a previous post I talked about the power of music to help get you motivated. Whatever music you love the most, blast that shit in your ears. Then try and tell me, you’re not ready to get sweaty!

On average I probably listen to Skrillex almost every time I workout. I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of stalker.

I promise I will not come to your house and hang out in the backyard demanding you make new music Skril. It’s not like my whole fitness journey depends on it. How crazy would it be if every workout goal I was trying to achieve, relied on whether or not you would continue to release awesome tracks?

Moving on to less awkward topics…

My favourite personal trainer was the one who introduced me to his music. He is responsible for getting me addicted to working out and for helping me overcome my intense fear of treadmills. He taught me when faced with something you think you can’t do, most of the time you are totally capable and you should stop being a big chicken!

On more than one occasion when he had somehow talked me into doing really high box jumps or some other insane exercise, I had to quickly make my way to the nearest restroom. Upon my return the first thing he would say was, “Did you puke?” In the end I never did lose my lunch, but I certainly thought I was going to.

During recent classes I tried that take place in what is called, “The Hot Room” I had the feeling once again. For the last very difficult ten minutes of the class, I kept thinking; do not projectile vomit all over everyone!

This was my mantra.

If you are one of those people who needs to sweat your ass off to feel like you got a great workout, look no further.

To be fair it isn’t some kind of heat wave. You will not feel like you are out in the blistering sun, on a tropical island while doing one of these classes. That’s what I was hoping for when I tried them for the first time this winter and I was painfully disappointed.

The heat is tolerable at first and kind of creeps up on you… All of a sudden you realize you’re covered in three times more sweat than usual and you’re ready to injure anyone who comes between you and your water bottle!

The discomfort is only temporary.  

Luckily this song was playing, to help calm me down.


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