Came for the

Paper cup

Travelled all the way through


To get it

Crawled on my

Hands and knees

Strange looks

Even when I say please

You don’t know the story

One pill

Two pills

10 pills @ 6

Controlling the urge

For a fix

Foul solutions


Death came knocking

At my door


I no longer was

His whore

Not many reject him

Faded tattoos of pain

Can’t say you forget


There’s your little highlighted


The day you went out too far

In the dark


Did it make everything go away?

Things would finally be ok

The most complicated lies and bullshit

One foot in

The fiery pit

Took away the urge

A few seconds spent in that

Frightening place

Is enough to make


Stop sinning.



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Loop Skull Gif by Ucman Balaban from Giphy