Girls send him texts:

Need 2 CU

Out most nights

He’ll casually take a break from

Checking his phone

To lie around…

It’s temptingly easy

He might

Give a little


Stick a couple of

Fingers in

Maybe two or three

The girls don’t mind

Held captive in

That state

They’ll let you

Kiss them

Whatever you want to do

Make sure they

Take the stuff first 

Just after it kicks in

The world is your oyster

I have to see you

I’m starting to get sick

He loves being wanted

Grateful girls

When he delivers the medicine

They need


He’s the one


Made them

Need it

Soon he’ll be a

Saviour again

He’s solving problems while

Rotting souls

Filling all the girl’s holes

Making them numb to their pain

What a shame it was

The day

They met him.


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