Choosing one Keanu Reeves GIF, is as difficult as trying to eat a single potato chip…Nearly impossible! Attempted to please you with my choice. Yes, Keanu wearing a Cowboy hat.

It was a tight race till the very end, but this is the one I couldn’t resist sharing. You’re welcome! 😉 Now I’m daydreaming about riding Keanu on a horse, off into the sunset…

I was a little late to the John Wick party and only recently watched the first two. I haven’t seen the third instalment; I’m letting the anticipation grow. My quick review is, “John Wick” could use a bit more dicks.

How much better would these movies be, if they gave Keanu a full frontal nude scene? I would have already watched the third one!

Was anyone else overly concerned about his dogs? It took me the whole first movie to get over the puppy dying. Then in the second, I was worried every time his new dog wasn’t in a scene, because I thought he might be dead too… 

How much stress can one person handle? Something that starts with “D” might have made me feel better. Now we’ll never know.

I’m thinking about following him on Twitter; I might wait until he follows me first. 

Are you on Twitter? Follow @FrancesElaina pretty please, with cherry gumdrops on top. 🙂 If you’re an artist and you haven’t joined the Twittersphere yet, what are you waiting for?

We all know about the amazing WordPress Community, which I’m so grateful to be a part of. There are a ton of cool peeps on Twitter too. It may seem slightly intimidating at first, but before you know it you will start connecting with the right people!

Art at its best. Give and take. Support, encouragement and cross promotion of each other’s work. Exactly how it should be.




Keanu Reeves 90S GIF from Giphy