Out and about downtown, I found myself drawn to this demonstration. What is your level of knowledge about the food you eat? Extremely disturbing footage involving animals is being shown on these small screens held by volunteers, one asks me if I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

Unfortunately, I have. I’m all too familiar with the barbaric way we treat our animals for profit. I try to shop cruelty-free and was vegetarian for a good chunk of my life because of images just like these. 


Sweat dripping down my back and slightly nauseous; I stare at the animals being tortured, while this guy tries to convince me to give up meat consumption again…

It was important at this point, to bring up some of the local animal abuse cases that have made my blood boil in the last little while. For some reason I needed to expand on the negativity and remind him that helping animals goes far beyond simply getting people to stop eating meat. 

I hope there are incredible improvements where animal rights are concerned in the very near future. Will I give up meat again? All I know is we need to quickly remedy this disgusting part of our society.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous for the Voiceless


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