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Are you comfortable in the dark? Let me tell you about a workout, that might make you second guess your answer. I’ll lower the lights, why don’t you grab a few candles. How about a little music to set the mood? No, we aren’t getting ready for a romantic rendez-vous … maybe later. It’s spinning class; in the dark!

Do you hate how it sometimes feels like everyone at the gym is watching your every move?

Insecurities be gone! In the dark, no one can see what the heck you’re doing. Even if you cried throughout your whole workout, not a single soul in the class, would have any idea! The benefits revolve around the freedom this brings. You can really go hard and become one with the music.

Remember, it’s easier to lose yourself in the music if you go to a class playing whatever it is you’re into. The instructor’s playlist for this class wasn’t really My cup of tea. Also, I didn’t like wearing rented shoes that had to be attached to the pedals of the bike. Unsure how to disconnect myself; I’m locked to a stationary bike in the dark, with shitty music playing. Sounds fun, right?

Attempt at your own risk! Fumbling around with your bike when you can’t see anything can cause some shall we say, dangerous occurrences. I heard someone in the class (me) almost removed the handlebars from the front of the bike, thinking they were adjusting the resistance! (Yes, I did.)

Scary stuff. Does anyone have a flashlight?

To state it plainly, I didn’t really understand the whole, “dark thing.” One of the main reasons I exercise is to get out of my head. Not being able to see the immediate surroundings took away my self-confidence. Instead of enjoying the class, I spent most of the time worrying about injuring myself or someone else around me. This is I’m sure, something you would get used to. Don’t think that I, however will be giving this class a second chance.

Offering a nightclub type atmosphere simply makes me want a vodka tonic. After waiting the whole class for someone to bring me one, I left sorely disappointed. Workout lighting should only be allowed to inspire thoughts of Kale juice.

During which season do you feel the most motivated to work out?

I must admit, Upping my fitness game hasn’t been on the list of priorities this summer. Making the most of the warm weather and sitting under a tree, was my choice over going to the gym. For the benefit of this blog, I will swiftly be getting my butt in gear starting with part deux of this post.

Be sure to keep reading to find out what other fun workout I try…In the dark!



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