Nero Suitcase-min

Oh fudge! I’m writing one of these posts again, can’t be a good sign my friends… I was merrily planning all the interesting stuff I wanted to post in October, when deleting a bunch of old posts turned into an ordeal.

The posts wouldn’t delete in the reader, and the author was now listed as Fallen Angel On the Run instead of Frances Elaina. With help from the professionals, the posts eventually came down but somehow in the process only left the most recent 10 posts visible in the reader.

If you’re looking to read anything further into the abyss, all the other posts(except the deleted ones) can be found on the Fallen Angel On the Run site.

Remember, tread carefully with your sites. Any minor thing can end up being a much MUCH bigger issue than you’re expecting. The scary part is that there is sometimes no way for you to even know what the consequences might be. I’m having anxiety just writing about it. To say that I’m a bit discouraged is an understatement…

Luckily my plans this weekend involve unicorn puzzles and dinosaur stickers with my niece and nephew. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Hope you are all well 🙂

With love,


P.S. Nero is cutely requesting I take him with me ♥