How cool is this street art I stumbled upon! A portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Where do we go from here? Getting back up after a disappointment, requires some major inner reflection. Try to climb out of a negative rut and focus on your blessings. New month, new season…

Hello October! I’m so happy to see you again. 

What are you excited about this month?

Spectacular fall colours. Halloween. Pumpkins, everywhere! I certainly hope you’re not one of those bizarre pumpkin spice latte fanatics…

Is that the uninvited chill I feel in the air? Get warm and cozy with me, let’s celebrate October by doing some friendly sharing!

Do you know anyone awesome who is born in October? Yes! This bitch 😉

I would love to spend my birthday month, stuffing my face with as much art as possible. On any post this month, I invite you to share your art here at Fallen Angel On the Run.

Kindly share links to your art in the comments, with a brief description of what the link is. All art forms are welcome.

Also, I want to support authors who have recently released books by purchasing a few as birthday gifts from me to me. What is your book about and where can I find it?

October is going to be such a great month!

Thank you for enjoying it with me ♥



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