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On December 11, 2019 my grandmother Helen passed away. She had been diagnosed with cancer this fall and was in a lot of pain. I’m relieved she isn’t suffering anymore. I wrote the following to be read at her funeral; it is inspired by a letter my grandma had written.

To my dear family & friends:

What a journey it has been

Life is so beautiful

My pain and suffering have come to an end

Sorrow is an inevitable part of life

It serves as a reminder that we are stronger than we think

The difficult moments help us to cherish our blessings


Let go of your tears and heavy hearts

Love is forever

I lived a full and happy life

Travelling the world

I cradled children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in my arms

Life is sweet

I spent over 60 years

Married to a man I deeply loved

We danced and sang

Enjoyed countless moments celebrating with loved ones 

Around our dining room table


Treat yourself

Have a glass of wine

Eat that dessert

Most of all

Don’t hesitate when it comes to showing affection

Arms are meant for holding

Saying, “I love you”

Never gets old

There is no promise of tomorrow

One day we all run out of time

One day

When it’s time to say 



Feet were made for dancing

As I had hoped

My Guido was waiting for me

Today through your tears

Imagine our smiles

Imagine us holding each other tight and dancing together forever

Your love keeps me alive. I will always be with you in your hearts.


This Holiday Season remember to tell the special people in your life, how much you love them…