What is more ideal than being naughty on Valentine’s Day? Absolutely nothing. In the spirit of this fine, somewhat ridiculous holiday, I ate a whole fucking heart of chocolate! Not even a small one. 

After putting off going to a class for months because it intimidated me, I am now scheduled to try it tomorrow…

Although boxing has been my chosen workout recently, I’ve only used a punching bag one on one with a trainer where at least my girl punches were witnessed by a single person. The classes I’ve done were more centered around shadow boxing, tying your hands and wearing boxing gloves wasn’t required. 

The class tomorrow in roughly 24 hours, is in a place with a real boxing ring in it. You have to tie your hands which I have no idea how to do. Everyone in the class will probably have super tight abs and be wearing tops that look like sports bras. 

Guess who is having second thoughts about showing up?

Not to make this any more awkward then it already is, I stabbed myself cutting open an avocado. Yes, healthy fats are so important, they are worth suffering for! 

The impact of the punches might reopen the cut. Being a bloody mess will really help me to feel like I’m blending in. On the bright side, at least the instructor won’t be able to give me shit for not hitting the bag hard enough.

Pulling myself together; dressed in whatever snazziest workout gear I can find that isn’t in the dirty laundry bin, I’m going to do this!


There will NEVER be a perfect moment for anything.

Waiting for some imaginary point in time when you will be a better version of yourself, diminishes the phenomenal person you are right now! 

Absorb the glow of a little self-love this Valentine’s Day however you are celebrating, with or without the sugar rush 🙂

Wishing you a sweet day filled with love…


Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥


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