May I pour you a drink? Someone has apparently bottled our sorrow. False advertising, however, is definitely at play. It doesn’t taste anything like writers tears! I think I will have another, just to be sure…

Real-life problems of the obsessive mind. Being told to wash your hands more, when you already do it excessively. 

To the individuals out there hoarding stuff to make yourself feel better  remember, everyone else needs toilet paper to wipe their ass too!


How silly are you going to feel, when this is all over and you’re left with a drawer full of surgical masks? You’ll have to develop a medical fetish or dress up like a naughty nurse on Halloween for the rest of your life, to put those masks to good use!

We get it 2020, it’s a new decade and you’re trying to make an impact. Mission accomplished, now STOP.

Anxiety has a strong hold on me. I have spent the last few days collecting supplies and cleaning door knobs. There is a very fine line between precaution and paranoia.

How is everyone doing?

Please stay safe and take care. 

Sending lots of love…