At some point last year, these two words became part of Fallen Angel On the Run’s tagline. Never has this phrase felt more fitting. So let’s do it together! Let’s preserve sanity in extremely trying circumstances. Let’s use the magic of the internet to lean on each other and get through this safely.

You are on a mission. A mission to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from what’s out there. Beyond the nerves, beyond the anxiety, there is reason. To ground us and make the challenges seem less unbearable. This is only temporary. Your mission if you choose to accept it comes down to one point. STAY THE FUCK HOME! As much as you possibly can. 

Seems simple enough right? Maybe. But what about when your roots start coming in, or you run out of that thing you can’t live without, or you’re craving a big bag of Doritos? Park your butt anyway and don’t move till further notice. Use home delivery services where available instead of heading to a possibly crowded store. If it isn’t absolutely essential for you to leave home, don’t.

Is this going to be hard? Yes. Trust me, I feel you over here. I live in Canada where winter has just ended, and I’ve officially been a hermit since November. 

The risk overrides our desire for freedom. 

If we do this now, our future selves will thank us and we will be doing our part to stop it from getting any worse. But how are you going to stay sane while being a prisoner in your own home? 

Remember that book you always wanted to read, the messy drawer you never get the chance to clean? How long have you been saying you really want to learn to play an instrument, draw, or paint more?

Here in the midst of all this negative you have been offered a gift. The gift of free time to knock a couple of bullet points off the list of things you’ve been meaning to do. 

I have saved the best for last! What is the quickest way to change your mood and get your mind out of a bad place? Sweat it out! Exercise will elevate your mood, boost your immune system and get rid of the stress we are all so overloaded with. 

I will be returning for a repeat performance with a fitness post later this week, focusing on some at home workout options I want to share with you.

We are on a mission to stay safe. Our most valuable tool in winning this battle is isolation, because safety is the only thing that matters…



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