Come join me for a peaceful moment, forget about the scary world outside. Bring yourself back to this, now. This, now I am safe. This, now my loved ones and I are healthy.

We are strong and powerful!

We have at our fingertips all the tools we need to climb this mountain.

I am only human. It’s ok if I get nervous, scared or anxious.

I will set some coping mechanisms in place. When negative emotions feel like they are suffocating me, I won’t have to sit in those feelings and I will know what to do. 

Here is what has worked for me. Hope it helps you too!

I have been thinking a lot about my grandfather who we lost at the end of 2017. No matter what was going on, he always had a smile on his face. He joked about most situations and would find a way to lighten the mood by poking fun.

If you would say to him, “I really can’t stand this.”

He would reply with, “So then, sit down.”

I have heard him saying that in my head several times over the last week, when I was feeling like I really couldn’t stand it.

Find a way to smile and laugh, it’s good for your soul!

Does anyone know any great jokes?

Watch something funny, be silly!

There is an exercise we used to do in theatre school where we would lie on the floor with our eyes closed and laugh as hard as we could. 

At first, you force it out but soon the sound of your own laughter and possibly those around you makes you laugh even more. Next you’re having an all out giggle fest, with tears streaming down your face and for a precious moment you’re left without a care in the world!

Just breathe.

Simple enough yet under these circumstances sometimes a challenge. Stress brings on quick shallow breath which only makes us feel more panic stricken. Make time every day to breathe properly. Deep breathing will calm you down and get rid of some of the stagnant, negative energy coursing its way through our bodies.

Get up and move!

Can’t go to the gym? No problem. 

Got stairs at home? Run or walk up and down a couple of times. March or run in place. Some of the best exercises require absolutely no equipment at all. A few examples include: Sit-ups, pushups and squats.

Do a couple of yoga poses to keep limber. Try a little shadow boxing.

The internet is your best friend to keep at home workouts fresh. 

Fitness Blender is an awesome site I have been using for a while, where you can find a tonne of different stuff. Boxing, HIIT, strength training, pilates, yoga and the list goes on…

You can do a search by level of difficulty, what part of your body you would like to focus on, or the length of time you want to workout for.

Although I usually want my workouts to be as hard as possible, my energy has been a bit on the low side, so I have been choosing something more gentle.

Qigong is my chosen workout right now. While being lighter than what I’m used to, I still feel the emotional benefits and a decrease in stress levels at the end of each session. 

Today is my 14th day of self-isolation. With anxiety levels through the roof, these have been some of the darkest days of my life.

I am trying to pull through and stay sane for my parents, niece and nephew. After a bad day this is what has helped me to keep going…

You can save lives. Think of those who are most vulnerable. Do your part to end this nightmare as soon as possible.

Stay with me and stay strong.



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