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Think of your toughest experience… Was it a breakup, the death of a loved one or an addiction? Remember while in the moment, you thought that you really weren’t going to make it.

But, you survived! You lived through it all and became stronger, wiser and more courageous. As with those past hardships, you will come out on top of this one too!

In these tragic times some truths we have previously tried to deny seem to keep bubbling up to the surface. 

The unacceptable lack of what is being done for vulnerable parts of the population and the urgent need for more mental health resources. However the present situation ends up affecting each of us, it is crucial we place focus on healing our minds.  

Be extra kind to everyone you come into contact with, but especially those struggling with mental illness. 

We can compare this pandemic with attempting to reach the top of a long flight of stairs. None of us can see yet how many stairs there are left to climb. That’s the scary and intimidating part. 

When will we get there

Some days the progress is clear and seeing how far we’ve come is obvious. Other days we stand on the same step with a complete inability to move.

Living with mental illness combined with the threat of a global pandemic can feel like a hellish combination. Our attempts at moving forward seem impossible. It’s far too easy for our minds to push us back down the steps we just mustered up the energy to tackle.

I will not give in to some of the shit that goes through my head. Anxiety will not defeat me. It never has and it never will…

Desperate times call for extra effort. Along with some of the other methods, I discussed using to calm my racing mind, I have had to bring out the big guns so to speak and keep adding new rituals to help myself.

Light can guide us through this! The power of light should not be underestimated. If you are able to safely spend some time outside, soak up that glorious sunlight whenever you can! If being outdoors isn’t always possible, you can enjoy the sun’s warmth through a window or a second option is ordering an LED light therapy lamp. I’ve been using one since November.

Nothing is more healing than the gentle touch of a loving hand. With so many of us isolating, it is the perfect time to put some new self-care habits in place. Our hands are great tools in generating comfort through touch. We have used the soothing benefits of massage on loved ones before and now we can provide ourselves with that same gift.

Blocked energy is a big no-no when we are trying to keep our immune systems strong like bull!

Self-massage and acupressure are easy ways to keep all that wonderful energy flowing. After a bit of practising you will soon get more comfortable and start to feel the advantages. 

I have found this video to be quite helpful.

Wim Hof is someone I’ve heard a lot about and recently I have begun learning his method. Starting or ending my day with his breathing technique is something I have been trying to accomplish. It is beneficial and unquestionably challenging. Please make sure to look into his safety recommendations first.


The flight of stairs may be long, but we are so brave!

I am holding my hand out if you need help to keep climbing…

We will get there together ♥



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