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To prevent adding negative emotions the world doesn’t need, let me begin with the positive. Thank you to all essential and front line health care workers! We couldn’t do this without you. There may have been past doubt about how much your roles matter within our society, but we have been taught a valuable lesson in the most difficult way. 

Could the prime minister of New Zealand be any more awesome? To brighten my mood this week, I’ve spent some time focusing on the impressive manner she has handled the situation. Step aside and take a few notes boys, here is how you get the job done!

In an effort to be fair, I must at the very least give a quick shout out to the premier of my province. Having not necessarily been in my good books before the outbreak of the pandemic, my opinion of him has done a 360. I have to give praise where praise is due and I appreciate the amount of heart he puts into his decision making. I was saddened to hear that his mother in law has tested positive, and I wish him and his family strength to get through this hard time.

A rally to end the lockdown is planned for my city this weekend. Here is the part where I tape my mouth shut to avoid spewing unnecessary anger. Instead, I am requesting an explanation from anyone who feels like they can give me one. 

After reading everything I could get my eyeballs on about COVID-19 for the last 4 months, I have to say it has and continues to scare the shit out of me. I’ve never been surrounded by such a remarkable amount of death and people being put on ventilators. The fact that no one knows until they contract the virus how sick they will get and that the scale can go from having no symptoms to being at death’s door.  

That is this invisible enemy’s ultimate malicious quality. Since not everyone gets sick it is easy for asymptomatic carriers to go about their day as usual and silently transmit the virus. Possibly infecting someone at risk. Possibly infecting someone who won’t recover.

So please educate me. Educate me on how this is about rights and the crashing economy.

We can’t live without money to survive. To be able to put food on the table and feed our families. But our focus has to be on the preservation of life no matter how hard that pill is to swallow. Not being free won’t kill you, unfortunately this tricky little virus might. Do not underestimate the power of this ruthless beast.

Your job or business won’t matter if you end up in a grave. All the money or freedom in the world won’t bring back a loved one who loses their life because of negligent ignorance.

There is only one enemy here

We can do better. 

United we are stronger!