Dear Ice Cream Truck Driver,

Stop trying to sabotage my attempt at living a, “Fit & healthy,” “ Strong is the new skinny,” “Dairy & processed sugar free,” life! Why do you have such a knack for creeping by my window and playing your seductive tune right after my workout? As I sip my raw, vegan protein shake I can almost taste every one of your creamy treasures and feel the melting love juice dripping down the corner of my chin…

I mean what kind of person doesn’t like, ice cream? Something has to seriously be wrong with you!

Is the pandemic getting on your last nerve? Here are some easy ways to turn that frown, upside down!

Ice cream generates instant smiles and brings us all back to our childhood and a time of simple, pure happiness. With a wide variety to choose from, you’re bound to find the flavour that with each extra lick helps to dissolve all of your deepest, darkest sorrows…

Has anyone else cried themselves right to the bottom of an empty ice cream tub after a bad breakup? Or savoured a little après fête ice cream cake slathered all over their lover’s nether regions? If by slim chance you haven’t tried this please pencil it in a.s.a.p. it’s sticky fun for everyone! 


Are you also craving all the creamy things during COVID?

Why does ice cream have the power to make us crave it as soon as we see someone else enjoying some? 

I propose the adult version of an Ice Cream Truck, the “Margarita Van.” We could also go with, “Marijuana.” 2020 has been such a special year! All I’m saying is if someone has invented weed ice cream, I think you might be onto something!

Now, to find a fitting song for the Van to play… Oh no! Is that Justin Bieber?


Watch all the happy adults walk, run, skip and traipse their way to the Margarita/Marijuana Van while social distancing! Can’t you just picture it? Heartfelt apologies in advance, for the length of time it will take to get this catchy tune out of your head! 

Who would like one of those Vans to drive through their neighbourhood?


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Ice Cream Animation GIF By Tyler Resty

Ice Cream Sprinkles GIF By Mixdesign, Inc from Giphy