Officially off of Corona beer for life! Who would dare pound one down after living this experience? I for one will be choosing another refreshing beverage to stick my lime wedges in.

If you thought the joke was funny in March, resurrecting it six months later, is borderline hysterical. Alcohol is the opening topic for the latest Fitness Post, because why the hell not. It is, after all, 2020!  

Are you having issues with Coronasomnia, Coronavirus anxiety and a generalized fuck my life kind of feeling? If these sensations persist even after repeatedly listening to chanting monks and shamanic drumming, drastic measures MUST be taken immediately!

What has your pandemic Fitness journey been like over the last few months? 

The stronger my body gets, the more equipped I feel to deal with our current situation. 

Sweat sessions are the glue holding me together right now. If you haven’t found the time or energy to fit in some proper exercise, don’t be discouraged. 

Today is the perfect day to give your body a way to release some stress!

Any form of exercise will help you get a little bit closer to Finding Your Inner Zen… 

A really good place to start, could be Yoga. How can we go wrong with a practice that has been around literally, forever?

I have three phenomenal workouts for you!

Is twerking and downward dog pose a compatible match?

Only one of these workouts will give you the answer…

Yogalates anyone? Delivering a piping hot serving of, core on fire! Not a big pilates fan but I actually enjoyed this. Give it a try!

BUTI YOGA is described by its creator as being part yoga, plyometrics and tribal dance. Unleash your wild side and challenge regularly unused muscles with a unique workout. Get ready to shake what your Mama gave you!

To be clear the first two workouts are more inspired by yoga, or yoga-esque.

The last one is the real deal. Kundalini Yoga is intense and challenging. With the added spiritual aspect and breathing exercises, it will leave you feeling transformed.

Be sure to respect your body’s limits when trying something new.

Wishing you peace! 



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