Can you remember experiencing the world with naive and wonder filled eyes, as a child?

Summertime family vacation road trips and looking out the backseat car window, seeing things your little mind was too young to understand. Driving by the White House in Washington and questioning why all the poor people sleeping in the streets, couldn’t have one of it’s many rooms where they could be safe and warm.

Why did I leave the Big City in the middle of a pandemic? For many reasons. One is I couldn’t stomach the overwhelmingly cruel way The City of Toronto has chosen to treat it’s homeless population, in difficult times.

I had this far-fetched hope that COVID was the government’s ultimate excuse to finally help.

It seemed to be the only option. Increasing unemployment meant a growing number of people on the street. People just like you and me suddenly found themselves with nothing. Beyond financial woes their security was stolen, at a time when having it meant so much.

Numerous encampment evictions have taken place in parks over the last few weeks. There has to be a more compassionate way for the city to respond. Scenes of violence and police brutality. Hard to watch confrontations between protestors and police.

A blatant waste of resources and taxpayer dollars, cops arrived in droves souped-up in riot gear looking like they were ready for a war.

A war against what exactly? End the needless violence once and for all!

Those ill spent funds could have been redirected and used toward trying to solve the out of control housing crisis. 

An inadequate, overpopulated shelter system isn’t the answer. The city desperately needs more affordable housing options instead of yet another overpriced high-rise.

Violently displacing and bulldozing away the few possessions homeless people have is without a shadow of doubt the worst, most heartless way to handle the situation. 

With no place else to go, we discard human beings as if they were yesterday’s garbage.

Can’t have society’s failures out in the open. We would rather hide them in a dark corner and pretend they don’t exist.

Another park encampment will be targeted any day now… Hopefully not in the same barbaric manner.


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