Update: Ontario Monster Vet


Letter Series Chapter 6:

Dear Universe,

I have a pressing request. If at any point soon women could stop being described with belittling and shallow statements such as; braless, age defying and makeup free, I would be very grateful.

Change takes time so here’s something else… There is a cruel man who hurt some innocent animals. Don’t give him the chance to do it again.

A six month suspension can’t undue evil, he should never be allowed near another animal! July 14th is a date I need you to remember, on this day justice has to be served.

I’m afraid of calling the Skyway Animal Hospital and for it to actually be real that Dr. Mahavir Rekhi is practising again!

Long live the internet and its ability to share information. Doing something wrong now means not only having news articles written about it, word continues to spread through blogs, social media, shared videos and google reviews.

What good is technology if we can’t use it to prosecute the accused? There is video footage of this man punching and choking animals in his care. Many videos, why is he back in business right now?

Those of us who love animals get to be bombarded with terrible imagery on a daily basis. Heinous acts bestowed upon the innocent without reason.

Our pets are a part of the family. They are not something we abuse, neglect or put in a garbage bin.

We would NEVER want to be put in a situation where the doctor who is supposed to be helping and healing our loved one is intentionally hurting them. This guy is out!

What if he just leaves the province of Ontario, changes his name and starts practising somewhere else? The TERROR!

Please let anyone who brings their animal into this man’s office, either recognize his face or somehow instinctively know they need to grab their pet and back the fuck out of there ASAP.

I’m all for forgiveness, but when it comes to animals and children you don’t get a second chance. This man is not fit to care for anything that is living and breathing, end of story.

According to the receptionist at Skyway Animal Hospital, Dr. Mahavir Rekhi has taken some time off, but is still practising. My response to him was, “If I were you I would reassess my employment options and I would go get a job at McDonald’s before continuing to work for THIS guy. No one should be encouraging him to stay open.”

Yours Truly, F.

PS Hope is on the horizon, Rekhi has been charged with 16 counts of animal cruelty. Now we wait for the outcome of his July 14th court date.

PPS I’ve included a picture of our Nero, he is a part of my heart.Nero 2017

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Caution: Disturbing Content


This man needs to be stopped!!

Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi is a low form of evil.

He preys on living creatures weaker than he is, who have come to him for help and to be healed.

My heart is racing as I write…What do we do about this?

No one can ever take their animal to his practise or leave a pet in his care again!

He took an oath to protect animals and cannot receive some laughable mild punishment. If he gets away with this, we are handing over the possibility of ever living in a society that values truth.

We will be standing by, while those that claim to heal and protect us violently harm members of our family.

First with the possible mass killing of dogs in Montreal simply because of their breed, now THIS!

Make me proud to be Canadian again and take better care of our animals.

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Trash to Treasure


Garbage. One simple, nasty word that can be applied to so many things these days…

The inescapable epidemic of violence, American politics, the web of lies that both the pharmaceutical and advertising industries weave, or the nutrient lacking mountain of chemicals we refer to as our food supply. ALL GARBAGE.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” Mahatma Gandhi

One of the views from our Toronto high rise displays the lack of balance in our world. Day after day those that have nothing search through the garbage of those that have too much. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, literally. Poverty or suffering without one’s basic human needs being met is a timeless, universal problem. One that we have obviously no interest in solving.

Where is the balance?

Maybe it’s trapped at the bottom of that stuffed to capacity garbage bin. Under the old stuff I got rid of because I bought some new stuff or the extra stuff I had for a while that I wasn’t using or the stuff I bought on sale even though I already had the same stuff at home…BALANCE.

Most of us can’t even wrap our heads around any reality that is too far removed from our perfect, disconnected, selfish lives. Isn’t posting something on social media proactive? Fuck social media, fuck the little cocoons we build around ourselves while we stare at the flickering blue screens on our cell phones. I dare you just for a moment, to truthfully imagine this:

Once upon a time,

You own and have absolutely nothing. Everything you eat is either a hand out or comes from what you can find in someone else’s garbage. You have nowhere to sleep tonight and every other night…The End


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Keele & Eglinton


She hobbles her way up and down the hill every night, one wobbly step at a time.  Always to the same spot at the same corner, she’s had the most luck while she was standing right there.

It’s the busiest intersection in the neighbourhood, more cars always amount to better chances and every bit of extra change counts.  The bus shelter is an added bonus, a much needed refuge on the bitter cold nights. Fearlessly weaving her way through the cluster of stopped cars, she knows exactly how long the red light lasts and how quickly she needs to do her job.

There have been quite a few close calls where she almost got hit, but even those scary moments haven’t been enough to make her afraid. In a city this size if you spend that much time standing in the middle of the street you’re going to get hit at some point, or at least almost.

While trying to forget some of the other days, this day provides her with a much needed gift, one or two relaxed sighs of relief. It’s warm out which means at least for tonight, she has a few less things to worry about. Her chapped hands will start to heal and the wind chill won’t bring those little tears that start to form in the corners of her eyes. Since she can’t walk so well anymore that black ice can be a hidden danger she doesn’t need. Not tonight. Tonight she’ll walk a little taller with a bit more spring in her step, breathing easier.

With it the warm weather often brings better moods, smiling faces and more generosity.  Fingers crossed, this usually works in her favour. One too many angry or annoyed looks can stay with her for days. Reduced productivity ruins her chances of possibly being able to take a night off, maybe.

Each vehicle a stage for its own silent performance, rapid cut out hints of relationships and day to day life piled one on top of each other.  Still, quiet faces turned in opposite directions, eternally searching and endlessly caught in a long pause with absolutely nothing to say.

She holds her sign here and there hoping for it to be noticed. She raises it up as high as she can when you pass, wanting you to take just one moment to give it a read. That little square of cardboard has almost started to feel like a part of her but she does not miss it when it isn’t there.

It took her forever to decide what to write on it. Money for Food.  A simple enough request, just stop and read the sign. Water, food, shelter and pleading. Please, I have nothing, give something, give a little every bit counts. I need, haven’t made much today.

Stare into her eyes.  It isn’t as easy as you might think, handing it all over. Her actions are a reflection of hopelessness, empty mountains of woulda, coulda, shoulda been. Life is so much simpler now, water, food, shelter. With help, help you, help me, help her.

Stop what you’re doing and please take a moment just to read her beat up cardboard sign.


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China’s Forbidden Menu

The tiniest little star made a sparkling appearance in the smog filled Beijing sky tonight, and I made a wish…Most nights the thick cloud that envelops this city makes it near impossible to see any kind of cosmic activity. Beijing shines however in its own way. Standing on many of the streets and curved tiny alleyways you instantly time travel to a mysterious era filled with elaborate artwork, intricately designed architecture and regal costumes. In a fleeting moment, your eyes seem to catch a glimpse of the bravest warrior or the most powerful emperor whose spirits still rest in this marvellously complex place, you blink and the image evaporates into the smog. What has China been like? This last month described in one word would be, overwhelming.  Moments of complete opposition, feeling like a celebrity to nonexistent in a single day. Celebrity status is not something I have ever wanted to attain, and now I have confirmed this. On various occasions when people have asked to have their picture taken with us I wanted to crawl into the nearest hole. It felt beyond weird. At times I have been B.’s accessory, treated with not that much more importance than the wristwatch he was wearing. After fighting so hard for my strength and independence, having to take a step back in the name of a different culture was a little bit difficult, but I did it. China can be as abrasive as a rough piece of sandpaper on baby soft skin. Hoards and hoards of people make for a whole lotta noise, noise, NOISE! Take all of the manners that your parents taught you and throw them swiftly out the closest window. Are we too uptight? Do we spend our time concerned with offending everyone around us? Do we supress just being ourselves for the sake of not stepping on someone else’s toes? No one seems to EVER use their inside voice here. Every laugh, yawn, cough and sigh is the loudest it can possibly be.  At all hours on the train or bus people are singing, chatting on the phone, & playing music all at the highest volume. There are no rules when it comes to food, absolutely none. Any kind of consumption is a slurping, crunching and sucking fest that you could probably hear from a few blocks away. I have even started slurping my noodles, 1) to feel like I fit in a little bit and 2) because my chopstick skills are not that great, and it’s just easier to eat them that way. It does feel quite liberating. Are we uptight? I would have to say a definite maybe. For the Beijing Olympics, a lot of restaurants got their menus translated into English. The following are examples that the restaurant owners should have checked the translators c.v’s a little more carefully. See if you can figure out what these menu items are because we sure weren’t able to, but we got a really good laugh out of trying! “Let clothes plain boiled pork cool”, “Drunk fish of grandma does”, “Dish of sesame oil connected through one’s female relatives”, “Fry ball with no result”, “Big bowls grow a kidney bean”, “Pair of private taste bean curds”, “All rough blood of frog is flourishing”, “Blow up hairtail with no result”, “Field three are fresh”, “Burn the mustard orchid vainly”, and last but not least, what would any Asian meal be without a generous portion of “Stir-fry kid for a short time”. This trip is changing me. I am becoming a more tolerant human being. I can tolerate more noise, filth, discomfort, physical pain, foul smells, and insecurity than ever before. I am becoming a more tolerant human being and the world could definitely use a bit more tolerance. What type of footprint is my ratty flip-flop leaving behind I wonder? I am hopeful that I am leaving a positive mark behind on our trails. I want to help break down some of the negative assumptions the rest of the world has about “white” people, simply by doing what isn’t necessarily expected of me. China permeates honesty, something I have been craving for a very long time. It seemed like my life back home reeked of fancy fake frills for way too long. What you see is what you get here and there is something unbelievably fresh and true about that. The customer service is to the point and not riddled with people pretending to care or like you to make a quick buck. My fear is that the old China is disappearing. In a quest for modernization I could see all of the old history slowly crumbling away. Only in Beijing did we find the ancient image of China that we all have in our heads. What does that mean? Will China one day just become a maze of modern skyscrapers? This thought deeply saddens me. I make another wish….