Nasty President

What are they marching for? If you are asking yourself this question please take a moment to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under while you continue to contemplate the answer.

Who cares that it’s the largest day of protests in U.S. history, in the end it is just a women’s march, right?

Let’s pretend we don’t know what the message is and make it about the things that are insignificant. Let’s be appalled that women use swear words and let’s talk about the, ”pussy ear” hats they were wearing and did you notice so and so celebrity had their face pulled back again!

Last but certainly not least let’s call for the arrest of the most famous attendee because we’re taking one statement she made out of context. This is Madonna we’re talking about! Every moment of her career has been about shock value. Did you think she was going to stand by the podium at a women’s march and knit a bonnet?

She began her speech with, “Welcome to the revolution of love.” Isn’t anyone ever listening?

If you don’t think that women need to be protesting Donald Trump being President of the United States then you are part of the fucken problem! Notice my use of the word, “fuck.”

Since there are no arrests to report, we desperately search for a way to make this negative. Madonna might be a terrorist, I think we found the root of all our problems.

“Grab them by the pussy.” is A-OK but the f-word is where we must draw the line!

Still wondering what all the shouting is about?

Here is a great place to start, a gut churning compilation entitled, “Donald Trump all the sexist things he said.

I can’t help but raise my voice.



Message in a Bottle

One of my deepest wishes for 2015 would be for women to stop being reduced to their appearance. Have we discussed what any of the men were wearing at the Grammys? Why are two women as powerful and talented as Madonna and Annie Lennox belittled to the level of who made the more age appropriate choice of how much naked skin should be exposed? Let’s talk about the music they have made and everything that they both have managed to accomplish, also maybe the fact that Madonna is in her mid-fifties and can still wrap her leg right around her fucken head. Wouldn’t these topics be much more interesting? Can we honestly handle one more ground breaking article about how we can’t recognize some actress we haven’t seen in a while? Renee Zellweger, Kim Novak, Uma Thurman just to name three that have been harshly judged. Serious contemplations about whether its surgery, less make-up, badly ageing, or unkempt eyebrows. How could she have done this to her face when she used to be so beautiful? WE are the reason why women in the public eye do terrible things to themselves in the name of youth and beauty. Simply nothing is ever good enough and no matter what you accomplish with your heart and mind, if you’re a woman it always comes back to who you’re wearing and what you look like. Are we really that shallow? Shame on you world! Shame, shame, shame. Let’s take the energy we are going to waste this year talking about who is wearing whom, who got fatter or thinner or tucked and pumped up and collect it all in a large glass bottle for use on something of actual fucking importance. Let’s see what we are left with at the end of this year.


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